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The Lavender Guy has left the building......
July 2, 2012 will be my last day on the farm...and the last day in the U.S.  At 11:55 pm,  Mitch and I and the dogs and cat will be on a flight to Costa Rica.  And the farm will be closed permanently.
Also, at this time, it doesn't appear that anyone will be taking over the sale of the lavender products.  
But, it has been a great five years.  Everything from the planting to the weeding and the products and even the lavender ice cream will be wonderful memories for me.  And, I hope that you have a few of those memories that we all created here.  
That doesn't mean that you can't visit this website anymore.  I will do my best to keep information posted about what we are doing in Costa Rica.  There are many possibilities.  So, visit every once in a while just to see.  
I might be growing coffee...or chocolate.  I might switch from growing lavender to growing tropical flowers.  And I might even go back further into my past and work on a ranch.  I won't know until we get there.  But, for the first while, I think I may just take a little time and let the teethmarks on my wrist heal.  
So wish me well in my new journey.  And my thanks go out to everyone who walked along this journey with me.  My biggest pleasure in this business was meeting all of the people who love lavender as much as I do.
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